Recreate Your Tomorrow!!

by Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

Publisher: The Little Book Company

475 .00 RS

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

About Book

“Recreate Your Tomorrow! Unlock your potential to succeed by developing 100 top soft skills!” is a comprehensive guide that delves into the top 100 soft skills you need to cultivate for a successful and fulfilling life. These skills will enhance your ability to adapt, overcome challenges, and unlock your potential. This book is essential for Generation Z and Generation Alpha because it addresses the unique circumstances and demands they face or will be experiencing in life and their career. In addition, this book acknowledges the global shift brought about by the events of 2020, especially the lockdown. This global change brought to the fore the acceptance of remote work and hybrid work, a concept already embraced by freelancers worldwide. This book presents this transformative trend and emphasizes soft skills as a means to excel in this new reality and into an unknown future.

About Author

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar is a fiction writer and columnist with a portfolio of over 1,000 published articles in various English-language publications in Pakistan. His writing journey began on July 10, 2004, with the publication of his first article in Young World, a prominent weekly publication of Daily Dawn. His expertise spans an array of subjects, including communication, sports, society, current affairs, geopolitical activities, social issues, personality development, science and technology, literature, and book reviews. In December 2020, Omar achieved a significant milestone by publishing his debut novel, "Divided Species" (Auraq, 2020). This science fiction story made him the first Pakistani author to write a science fiction story set in Karachi. He is also the author of “20 Steps to Writing” (Daastan, 2022) that discusses strategies to develop effective writing skills. Omar has previously served as a Strategy and Planning Executive at Symmetry Group, Pakistan's leading digital media advertising agency. He also served as the Assistant Editor of Slogan Magazine and South Asia Magazine. Currently, he serves as Assistant Manager, Public Relations at the Marketing and Communications Department at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi. IoBM is also his alma mater.