Our Small Lives

by Sehr Sajjad Emaad

Publisher: The Little Book Company

360 .00 RS

Sehr Sajjad Emaad

About Book

“Our Small Lives” is etched on the map of patriarchy and male dominance, still very much a part of today’s Pakistan. Compromise and acceptance fill the vacuum created by lovelessness. When Sara finally finds love, will she be able to pay the price for it? Can she finally live life on her own terms or will she sacrifice her happiness for family once again? The themes of love and loss are at crossroads with each other in this saga of a match made for convenience but suffered out of duty and respect for family. Set in Cambridge, Massachusetts with roots in Lahore, Pakistan, Sara’s story is a tale woven by duty and sacrifice, love and appreciation. When life gives a second chance, why should Sara not take it? It is never too late to love , is it, as we go through Our Small Lives?

About Author

Sehr Sajjad Emaad is a freelance writer and creative writing teacher based in Manila, where she lives with her husband and two boys.Her interest lies in fiction, travel writing and personal essays. She holds an MSc in Sociology from National University of Singapore and an MSc in HumanResource Management from London School of Economics. She has workshopped Our Small Lives at the Yale Writers Conferencein 2017 which gave her an opportunity towork with published authors. This is Sehr’s first novella. It is a story of culture and religion, love and alienation. Sehr can be followed at @EmaadSehr on Twitter and Sehr Sajjad author on Facebook.