Just in time

by Mari­a Laura Sanchez Puerta

Publisher: The Little Book Company

500 .00 RS

Mari­a Laura Sanchez Puerta

About Book

The crush is immediate, but on their first date, Morgan confesses to Laura that he has just recovered from a spinal tumor...which has a good chance of recurring. What makes a love story special? What keeps us going when the happily-ever-after ending of fairy tales falters? In Just in Time, María Laura Sánchez Puerta writes her own story with talent and courage - a universal story about those who dare to live a great love, with its stormy peaks and its moments of complete happiness, in defiance of and against all odds. Ana Wajszczuk, author of “Boys from Warsaw”

About Author

Mari­a Laura Sanchez Puerta is a traveler, wanderer, writer, mother. She is an Argentine economist who works for the World Bank.