Hiroshima and Other Stories

by MH Askari Translated by Shama Askari

Publisher: Lightstone Publishers

10000 .00 RS

MH Askari Translated by Shama Askari

About Book

Hiroshima and Other Stories is a book of short stories translated into English from the original Urdu.

About Author

Ibn-E-Said (Mirza Hasan Askari, aka MH Askari ) was a noted writer and columnist. M.H. Askari was born in Delhi in 1924. After schooling in Delhi, he did his graduation from Lucknow University in 1944 and joined the Indian army public relations section. Released from the army at the end of the war, he joined The Statesman, Delhi, and worked there for a year before joining Dawn, Delhi, as a senior reporter. Migrating to Pakistan, M.H. Askari worked with Radio Pakistan in the news department for several years, but later went back to Inter-Services Public Relations. In 1972, M.H. Askari was posted as press counsellor at the Pakistan embassy in Paris and later was minister for press at the high commission in New Delhi. When he settled in Karachi in 1980, he renewed his association with Dawn as a columnist and then as assistant editor, specializing in South Asian affairs. Even after he left Dawn, he continued to write a weekly column for the paper. Close to the literary circles of his time, M.H. Askari had kept company with eminent writers and was himself a writer of short stories. He was a founder member of the Pakistan Writers Guild. This book of short stories has been translated into English by his daughter Shama K. Askari who is a performance artist.