Hairat kay Us Paar

by Azra Abbas

Publisher: Scheherzade

360 .00 RS

Azra Abbas

About Book

Hairat kay Us Paar or The Other Side of Wonder was notable for expressing the experiences of living in a foreign city, London. From the traditional ghazal form of Urdu poetry, Abbas carved out a distinctive, unconventional style of gritty resistance. Her prose poetic form presents a new approach in Urdu poetry and captures a fiery expression of outrage and resistance to violence.

About Author

Azra Abbas is a poet in the Urdu language. After earning her Masters degree in Urdu at the Karachi University, she taught Urdu Literature at a government college. In 1981, she published an extended prose poem in the stream-of-consciousness form Neend ki Musafatain. Since then, she has written four collections of poetry, her memoirs, a compilation of short stories, and a novel. She currently lives in Karachi with her husband, the poet and novelist Anwer Sen Roy.