by Peerzada Salman

Publisher: The Little Book Company

300 .00 RS

Peerzada Salman

About Book

The stories in Ephemera try to examine the multifariousness of human relationships. What is it like to feel sad about the death of a colleague and at the same time find yourself physically attracted to another person? Why do intellectuals and thinkers act like the commoners that they write about in order to upstage one another? How does it feel to be unwanted in a seemingly successful marriage? Does rambling offer any solace to a bruised soul? These are some of the questions that Peerzada Salman raises in this collection of short tales. This debut book is published by The Little Book Company

About Author

Mohammad Salman is a Karachi-based journalist. He is a bilingual poet (Urdu and English) and also dabbles in fiction. He did his MA in English Literature from the University of Karachi in 1992-93. His collection of English poems, Bemused, was published in 2017 followed by a collection of Urdu poems, Waqt, in 2018. He writes under the pen name Peerzada Salman.