A life lived with Passion

by Irfan Husain

Publisher: KITAB (Private) Limited

550 .00 RS

Irfan Husain

About Book

This wonderful collection of Irfan Husain’s essays and columns, reflect a polyglot writer and intellectual at the peak of his writing powers even as illness attacked his body. An astute writer who was determined to explain the complex nature of the Pakistani state and society. Husain excelled at every topic he touched upon from fun, fundamentalism to food.

About Author

Irfan Husain was born in Amritsar, India, in 1944 and moved to Pakistan three years later. Educated in Karachi, Paris and Ankara, he joined the Pakistani civil service in 1967 but pursued a parallel career as a freelance journalist for most of his working life. His book, Fatal Faultlines: Pakistan, Islam and the West was published ArcManor in the United States 2012, and later by HarpersCollins, India and went on to win the first prized in the category for politics and current affairs in the annual Benjamin Franklin Awards. He wrote under a number of pseudonyms, including Mazdak, and remained a columnist with DAWN from 1991 till his death in 2020. The Editors: Abbas Nasir is a Pakistani journalist and a former editor of DAWN. Previously he was the head of BBC Urdu Service, and later Executive Editor of the BBC World Service Asia Pacific Region and was a personal friend of Irfan Husain. Carmen Gonzalez is a Spanish journalist and a former editor of BBC Mundo. She has worked in Spanish Media s well a United Press International, Instagram, BBC World Service and DAWN TV.