Dear Readers, Writers, Publishers and Booksellers,

Welcome to The Little Book Company!

The Little Book Company is a digital platform for bookselling and publishing for you.

We are a platform for publishers and booksellers; we are a bookshop for readers, and we are a publishing house for new e-books and on demand paperback editions. The Little Book Company creates and curates your e-books in many different formats from e-books, to audio, video to paper-back.

Our objective is to benefit everyone involved with The Little Book Company. Our goal is to be profitable for writers, book sellers and publishers.

Our approach is to treat each relationship with an attitude of sharing and support. Our vision is to make book writing and book selling accessible, affordable and profitable for writers, booksellers, bookshops and publishers and affordable for readers

We believe that the present and future of books is a combination of digital technology and physical books and bookshops.

We will enhance the experience of books and storytelling by expanding access to books at an affordable price.

The Little Book Company’s digital platform supplements and complements bookshops by increasing their reach to a larger number of customers.

We work with:


We provide a platform for publishers to showcase their books and sell them as e-books. The delivery of e-books is the responsibility of The Little Book Company. The delivery of publishers’ paperback and hardback copies is the responsibility of each Publisher. All sales and payments are made on this platform. Publishers are able to sell their books online on our platform and receive direct online payments. Payment transfers from the Little Book Company to the Publisher for paperbacks and hardcopies will be made after delivery of the book (s) has been received by the customer. Publishers on our platform have access to their own individual account dashboard which allows them to monitor their book sales and the payment transfers to them from The Little Book Company for their sales earnings. Payments are triggered on the basis of volume of sales and/or monthly.