The Ritual of Elections in Pakistan (1970-2018)

by Ijaz Shafi Gilani

Publisher: Lightstone Publishers

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Ijaz Shafi Gilani

About Book

Writing on eve of the 12th national election in Pakistan which is scheduled for February 2024, the author narrates, analyzes and reflects on all the eleven which have preceded it. The narrative is an easy flowing blend of history and empirical data. The book provides user friendly access to the Gallup Gilani Index of Electoral Record, which is a carefully crafted data set constituting the voting history of the nearly 300 million Pakistanis who have ever turned up to vote since 1970. In addition, the book provides access to a Gallup + Gilani compiled census of the Pakistan’s political class. The census lists and informs on the size of the vote banks and the party affiliations of more than 8,000 members of this class who contested an election to the national assembly since 2002.

About Author

Going beyond objective data and historical facts the author reflects on why elections alone do not deliver democracy and good government. He proposes to restructure Pakistan’s electoral geography by creating 40 sub-provinces as the new platforms of political power and authority. The author’s prognosis is that Pakistan’s current political crisis has been sparked by the unmet power-sharing aspirations of а new political class. He believes they deserve to be listened to and provided with new and numerous platforms of political authority, as the existing ones are too few and already over croweded by the deserving and the undeserving.