The Body Torn and Other Poems

by Tahira Naqvi

Publisher: Folio Books

360 .00 RS

Tahira Naqvi

About Book

This translation of Fahmida Riaz’s poetry collection not only preserves the iconoclastic sensuousness of Fahmida’s Urdu original but adds to its evocative power through English diction and figures of speech. Fahmida Riaz’s voice had the distinction of breaking new paths, daring to deviate from fixed civilizational tangents in daring to talk about the female body and libido around which there were, and still are, strong taboos. This translation has been undertaken in the same spirit of daring in defiance of the forces of reaction which prevent the female voice from being heard.

About Author

Tahira Naqvi has done a great service to the cause of transnational Marxist feminism in presenting to readers the iconic feminist poetry of Riaz, which evolves over her life and career, from solitary musings of “empowered” selfhood to a more communitarian understanding and embrace of solidarity across gender, class, nation in the pursuit of justice.