Diaries of the Missing Children: Carsa Rosain Cecil

by SKM

Publisher: Self

500 .00 RS


About Book

A mystery full of danger, love, fear, friendship and DEATH Something weird is going on in the town of Terrance Bay. 8 Students along with their principal have gone missing. Police investigation led into the towns long-praised tunnels unveil some dark secrets that the town has hidden from the world. Missing students, Rose, John, Ana, Mark, Zaleena, Peter, Gal and Reece were TBNY High schools straight-A students and the only members in the book club. What is going on? Where are the students? And who does the disfigured body belong to? Are they lost? Were they kidnapped? or is there something far more sinister afoot? Who really were they? And can they alone explain to the world what happened? A mystery that shows no signs, suspects, clues. Except, there is one hope, the only hope; Let their words become their beacon of hope as we read through what they left in the diaries of the missing children.---------------------------------------------------------------------- Cryptic text messages once seeming innocent, begin predicting disasters and issuing warnings. Carsa Rosain Cecil(Rose) is forced to put aside her feelings for her long time crush, John, as the lives of her and her friends, fall in peril. With the police refusing to intervene, Her only hope lies in a close friend, Principal Garmadon. With his help, will she be able to find the source of these messages and put a stop to the danger before it is too late? The only answer to this question lies in her diary.

About Author

I am an 18 year-old student with a great interest in the artistic world of English literature. I wrote a few short stories and novels on many different topics. I am a passionate and a bit of an intuitive writer who never feels exhausted of putting my thoughts onto paper. I have been constantly writing for the past 3 years.  Born in Islamabad, Pakistan in the year 2003, I gained an interest in English literature. However, living in a country where English is seen as a status symbol for few and an en-raging subject for the rest despite being a compulsory subject, it was hard to get any work done.  Desire towered above all in the end, as I managed to finish my first Written project. Lots to follow! I am a writer, editor, poet and dedicated professional with a passion for words. Anything I write, I put my complete skill set to the test. If there was one word which would describe me then it would be determination.  I never give up! I have the ability to finish long projects in small periods of time but with high class creative quality.