Barsaat ki khushboo

by Shehla Mushtaq

Publisher: Pakistan Book Centre

360 .00 RS

Shehla Mushtaq

About Book

100 percent of sales revenues of the author will go to support flood relief efforts for affected people in Pakistan. Barsaat ki khushboo is a collection of poems about subjects close to the author.

About Author

Shehla Mushtaq was born and raised in Karachi, She is an electrical engineer by education, who went on to implement large scale IT solutions in the global space for many years. She now does technical consulting for nonprofits in her current home town of St. Paul, Minnesota. Her love for Urdu led her to set up a free school and teach Urdu to young people in Minnesota, for many years. 5 years ago she started writing Urdu verse, mostly while she was visiting Karachi. This book is a collection of those poems, mostly about home and those close to her heart.