by Saiyid Ali Naqvi

Publisher: The Little Book Company

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Saiyid Ali Naqvi

About Book

Sadequain and Saiyid Ali were first cousins and grew up together in their family home in amroha, India. From early childhood they shared experiences, ideas and interests often expressed in poetry. They were each others closest companions in their early years.

About Author

Saiyid Ali Naqvi has brought a wealth of knowledge in water resources development, acquired over a 58-year career, to this study of the impact of the harnessing of the Indus waters on the evolution and development of the fabric of society in the region. He follows the Indus in its journey from around 7000 bc to present times, as he develops his thesis that the processes of social change in the region that now constitutes Pakistan are inextricably linked to the harnessing of the Indus waters.